Saffi Rain – Owner & Crafter 

“I hope to encourage people to shop locally, more sustainably and use traditional tallow soaps again!”

Born in Kent in England, Saffi grew up to be an artistic, enthusiastic, honest individual.
With qualifications in Children’s Care, Education and Development; Administration in Family Law and experience in Adult Healthcare Services, she wanted to enjoy more creative pursuits.

After emigrating to the US in 2019 from a town of more than 175,000 people – it was such a difference to live on the central Oregon coast in a town of just over 2000 residents. Not only is there an attitude here towards self-sufficiency, but also a focus on preserving the beautiful natural world we are so fortunate to enjoy right here on our doorstep.

This was the biggest inspiration: to try to make a difference (even if only in a small way) to the local community, our friends and our families.

Fulltime RVing, together with her husband, their daughter and their rescue dog, Fern, the business Raindrop Soaps was born with hopes of offering a product that is environmentally-friendly, supports local businesses and has safe, all-natural ingredients. 


Our Mission:

Whether you choose to bath or shower, we think your washing experience should be one that relaxes muscles, invigorates your mind and cleans your butt!
We hope for every customer to be a very Happy Customer.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Why Choose TALLOW?

Tallow is a waste product of the meat industry and is often thrown away by butchers who don’t need it. After it is slowly heated and rendered down, it’s beautifully silky smooth and creamy.

This fat is excellent for soap-making as it creates a gently cleansing, long-lasting bar, but it also has many nutrients that are amazing for your skin leaving it soft and supple.


If you wish to learn more about tallow and it’s properties, please click the button below:

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Taking inspiration from our breath-takingly beautiful local area, on the central Oregon coast, we sought to make a soap that was kind to our skin and the environment. 

We decided on square soaps after many samples were distributed and comments considered but please do get in touch if you have any thoughts.

We support small, local businesses wherever possible and strive to use sustainable resources for all parts of the soap-making process; including packaging use and disposal.




Our soap recipes contain only
FIVE ingredients or less!

We sourced rich, creamy, rendered tallow from a local Oregon farm as the base for our soap and as it’s a waste product it’s an even better choice for minimum impact on the environment!

Natural botanicals grown in the US like ginger root and dandelion leaf can be found in our soaps along with cold-pressed essential oils. Any ingredients added to each bar contribute to color, smell or texture for exfoliation.




Our bar soaps come in several varieties of two different sizes!

We have each bar soap available in a 3.3oz size for bath and shower use or a smaller 1.5oz size for hand soaps or great for gifting!

Each soap is mixed, poured, un-molded, labeled and packaged by hand, so each is as individual as you are.

We do have wholesale orders available if you wish to buy packaged bars in larger quantities, or cut loaves for a year round supply!


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Our soap colors are achieved with natural, organically-grown, plants such as elderberries, turmeric and calendula petals. Even our activated charcoal is food-grade, and manufactured in the US to give a luxurious, deep gray color.


We source our honey locally from a wonderful small business that has bees with access to blackberries and other wildflowers that create sticky amber raw honey.



Some of our bars have a smooth feel during use and others have some texture created with botanicals like lavender buds, or additives like powdered oatmeal. Rest assured, they are all-natural and carefully chosen.


Our supplier grows all their plants organically in WA and HI. Their farm uses wildcrafted seeds and handpicks their produce. We also hope to grow our own ingredients as we expand.



We scent our soap with small amounts of strong, pure, natural essential oils which are safe on skin and come alive when washing. 


Our supplier is also local and cold-presses their plant product with conventional methods but also an environmentally-friendly focus. We have citrus smells, floral smells and earthy smells, for you to enjoy a number of fragrances to fill your shower with.


At every opportunity, we at RAINDROP will continue to support small, local businesses for all sorts of business needs, and encourage others to do so also!


All of our labeling and packaging materials are from recycled materials and/or are recyclable to help in saving our planet!


Wherever possible, RAINDROP chooses suppliers that have handcrafted products, from our local area, our state of Oregon or the country!


We use natural, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced ingredients. It’s paramount to us, that our products remain chemical free, paraben-free, palm-oil free and free of any artificial colors or fragrances.