We are so grateful to our friends, family and customers who have such wonderful things to say about our soaps and service!



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These are great examples of high quality, hand-crafted, artisan soaps. I like the Douglas Fir most and the Lemon one was good  to shave my legs

Misty, Lincoln City, OR

The soaps have been amazing they foam up really well and leave my skin smelling amazing and feeling moisturised and soft all day. 

Dan, Maidstone, UK

Grapefruit and Elderberries; sweet but vibrant smell, lathers up amazing and leaves your skin smelling fresh and smooth.  Honey and Oatmeal: Really soft and homey scent, feels amazing on the skin and I love the quality of them!

Lola, Offham, UK

I love the soaps! I like that they get a little sudsy, but not over powering like the commercial ones and they leave you feeling really clean.

Misty, Waldport, OR

My favorites are the Tea Tree and Douglas Fir soaps – the fragrance is strong and the soap cleans really well. I like that there is no sticky residue left after using.

Tad, South Beach, OR

It must be 40 years since I used a bar of soap… what a revelation! They fit nicely in the palm, not too much of a lather which I like, but enough to know your hands are clean. Would strongly recommend especially as all naturally sourced.

Angela, Wiltshire, UK

I loved them! I tried remembering the scents as I sniffed them all. And [the soaps] make your hands so soft too! 

Emily, West Malling, UK

We’ve tried many homemade soaps and these are far superior. We would definitely use again!

Kristen, Waldport, OR

Love them! I like the charcoal one for sure. I even use the unscented one to shave instead of using shaving cream.

Zach, Toledo, OR

I love the fragrances and they are well made with a nice sudsy feel.
I can’t choose just one favourite!

Becky, Sittingbourne, UK